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Pulling Rabbits Out of His Hat (Or is it Cowl?)

Regardless of what happens during the rest of their season, PC basketball coach Ed Cooley deserves our kudos for the remarkable season he and his team of overachievers have put together. The heart-stopping double overtime, one-point victory over Marquette ranks as one of the best games in years at the Dunk. Despite a team that rarely played more than seven players and survived the loss of three of its key players, one because of an injury, two because of off-court issues, the team ended up in fourth place in the new Big East despite being a pre-season pick for the bottom. In addition to the team’s competitiveness, the outstanding play of NBA superstar-to-be Bryce Cotton and Cooley’s own personal marketing skills and charisma, PC has been attracting sell-out crowds as the season draws to a close. Wonder what this talented man knows about economic development?



Explore Brown's Architecture with this Mobile App


Brown boasts one of the oldest, and dare we add, most attractive core campuses in the country. And to help us all understand and appreciate the buildings that are there, a group of Brown students have created a special new app called FACADES to help explain the history behind over 130 campus buildings. The site even describes what they call “Ghost Buildings” which no longer exist but were once an integral part of the University experience. Now operational, the app is still being upgraded as additional info on specific edifices is received. For more information or to comment visit them on Facebook. 



Wicked Comes to PPAC

See the Wicked Witch of the West and Glenda the Good Witch as children in Wicked, the musical for people who don’t normally enjoy musicals. It’s a spin on the beloved tale The Wizard of Oz, set to music. Get to know the real Wicked Witch (who may not be as wicked as everyone thinks). Head to the Providence Performing Arts Center and revisit the classic story in a way that will leave you thinking... and singing. After all, the production hasn’t won a Grammy and three Tony Awards for nothing! January 2-12. Check website for showtimes. 220 Weybosset Street. 421-2787.



StyleWeek Northeast Returns

The weather may be cold, but fashion is still hot. StyleWeek Northeast returns for its showcase of talented local designers. Shop the accessory showcase every day before and after the shows, no tickets necessary. Weekend tickets sell out in advance but weekday tickets are available online or at the door. January 19-25.


Local Races

Run Like an Irishman

It’s March, which means no matter what your heritage is, you’re all Irish for at least one day. Why not take that honorary celebration to the streets? The Tour de Patrick is a series of three 5Ks over the course of a week: The Irish 5K, St. Pat’s 5k and Celtic 5K. Get your green on and choose one race or complete them all, with luck on your side.


Social Media

How to Make Friends and Influence People in 140 Characters

Twitter is great for connecting people to their favorite celebrities, but you might not have realized it’s also useful for connecting people with common interests... in the same town, even. Here are some Twitter-based Providence meetup groups. You might even run into me (and my Twitter BFF Corey Feldman) there.

Girls’ Pint Out @RIGirlsPintOut: A ladies-only beer lover’s group. 

Providence Geeks @ProvidenceGeeks: A tech-minded group that meets for dinner once a month to discuss robot kisses and hardwired dreams. 

Providence Coffee Society @PVDCoffee: A buzzworthy meetup you’ll lose sleep over 

Wordpress Providence Meetup Group @WordpressPVD: Bloggers of the city unite 

Providence UX Meetup @PVDux: A group for the “Providence user-experience and interactive design community” that’s probably too smart for you 

Clambake @ClambakePVD: A meetup group for the design obsessed. Don’t show up if you can’t identify your clothing by Pantone color 


How to Survive (and Thrive) On a Service Industry Salary

If you work in the service industry in general or at McDonald's specifically, or even if you just spend a lot of time futzing around on the internet during work hours (we're not saying that we do), you may be aware of the fuss and schadenfraude circulating around the website McDonald's and Visa launched to help Golden Arches employees manage their money and live a full life on their salaries. Surprisingly, some of its recommendations and advice have attracted scrutiny, like the fact that their sample monthly budget includes a line item for a second income, but not food, or estimates the monthly cost of health insurance at $20. Now, we're not here to quibble over silly little details like that – like the fine folks at McDonald's who we're not attempting to demean in any way, we're more interested in providing a valuable public service. As so many of our friends are in the service industry, we thought we could provide some further wisdom on how to live within the means afforded by this rewarding career. Here are some more handy budget tips:

-Consider picking up a third job. The average full-time workday is eight hours. There are three eight-hour increments in a single day. Coincidence? We think not. Now back to work.

-Even in a fairly affordable city like Providence, rent can eat up a sizable portion of your income. You can subsidize this through subletting space in your own apartment. Don't just think of extra bedrooms. Kitchens, living rooms, closets, bathtubs, laundry hampers – these are all viable options for your coworkers and service industry friends in similar financial situations. Just remember to use the word "cozy" in the Craiglist posting.

-Ask your employer to consider replacing your hourly stipend with a wage based on the level uncontrollable white hot rage you feel towards the general public every minute of every day. Your income could easily increase by a trillion percent.

-McDonald's is switching many of its employees over …   More


Sew Fabulous on Hope

As someone who has always feared the sharp end of a stick but who secretly wishes she could “make it work” with Tim and Heidi on Project Runway, I was excited to visit Kreatelier, the unique craft and gift store tucked away on Hope Street.

Not only does Kreatelier offer a wide range of hand crafted goods, most of which were created in house by the lovely ladies who work there, the shop also offers sewing classes for children, adults, and in my case, for those who have grand dreams of one day debuting at NYC Fashion Week. You know, if I could only thread the sewing machine without suffering some bloody mishap.

Before booking my appointment, I had to figure out what exactly I wanted to make. After perusing Kreatelier’s extensive list of suggested items which I found on their website, I settled on a zip pouch wallet that can fit a phone. Watch out Marc Jacobs, I’m coming for you.

Upon entering the shop I immediately felt a sense of comforting warmth and joy. My instructor Alexis Cormier greeted me with such a bubbly, positive attitude that the nervousness I had was diminished by her enthusiastic passion for craft.

Because of a time crunch factor, Alexis had already pieced out some fabric for my pouch. While looking at the material in my hand, I simply couldn’t imagine how I was going to make them into something even resembling a wallet, but hey, if I want to schmooze with the likes of Donatella and Tyra one day, then I simply had to remember Mr. Tim Gunn’s infamous phrase and make it work.

First we ironed the pieces in the store’s back room, which serves as a workshop for Kreatelier’s employees. Then, the part I feared, the part with the sharp object hammering up and down in close proximity to my delicate hands, arrived.

Making sure my fingers were not in danger of getting sewn human centipede style, I tentatively pressed my toes downwards on the pedal that powers the machine, making it explode with life.

Eee! That was too fast! …   More


Motivation for Movement

Jillian Michaels has become a household name in fitness and wellness and she’s taking the stage in Providence on March 25 at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium. Jillian’s popular Maximize Your Life tour is a live experience that provides you with the tools and motivation to harness your potential, kick-start your goals and live the exceptional life you’ve always wanted. And maybe she’ll even make you do a push-up or two.   More

An Hour in the Life of... Musician Jonas Parmelee

Who: Jonas Parmalee

What: Bass player, The Silks

When: 11pm, Friday March 2

Where: Local 121, Washington Street, Providence

Why: Not only does he “slappa da bass,” he makes a mean crepe

I spot Jonas in the crowd at the dark Speakeasy downstairs in Local 121, wearing a heavy coat and winter scarf. “Aren’t you hot?” I ask. (The room is packed like an overstuffed suitcase.) “Actually I’m freezing,” he replies. He brushes the hair out of his eyes and smiles shyly. “I’m always cold. I think it’s in my genes.” It’s one hour to showtime, and he’s drinking a Guinness while chatting with friends.

Jonas is a whiskey and stout aficionado – my kind of guy. In January, the band was given a bottle of Laphroaig as a thank you for playing a fundraiser for Trinity Rep. Jonas counts this his crowning glory with the band, but also says, “Every moment with The Silks is the best moment. It’s the type of band I’ve been dreaming of playing in as far as work ethic and approach to music.”

Jonas, who – at first glance – is a cross between a rock star and Woody Allen (in the most endearing way), has been a Silks member for about a year now. Burnt-out on the “whole punk thing” after touring the U.S. and England with his former band, The Midnight Creeps, he took a break from music for a while. Then, he happened to see Tyler-James Kelly doing a solo set. “I was floored and totally inspired,” Jonas says. ”I realized I needed to be in a working band again.”

As Rhode Island luck would have it, Jonas’ friend Matthew Donnelly was a mutual friend, and eventually Jonas got word that Tyler-James (“TJ”) needed a new bassist. “Nervous as hell” after not playing for a few years, Jonas called anyway. He got the gig. Soon after, when in need of a new drummer, Matt signed on. The chemistry that the trio shares is obvious, both onstage and off.

At 11:30pm, the guys head upstairs to the taproom for some (more) boozing …   More

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