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The RISD Museum Pushes Local Art In a Big Way this Summer

This summer RISD is putting together something it hasn't done in over two decades: a large scale survey of artistic works from the Greater Providence area. Celebrating multi-disciplinary talents from the city and nearby communities, RISD’s Locally Made exhibition will sprawl over numerous museum galleries until November 3. There will be a variety of events as part of the exhibit.

On August 8, the aptly dubbed After School Special at the Contemporary Art Gallery is part of Locally Made’s One Room in Assembly, a casual meeting place of local artists, designers and intellects in an experimental space. An evening of interactive installations, compelling performances, video displays and shenanigans will be on show, brought to you by a gathered group of specifically collected artists from curators Jason Tranchida and Matthew Lawrence. Offering a diverse range of mediums to choose from, art buffs and curious spectators alike wil find something to enjoy.

Participants in the events include: Hannah Abelow, Gloria Gardenburger, Genevieve Cross, Joe Segal, Mary Paula Hunter, Matt Underwood and Joshua Baptista. Attendees can expect to see talents like the eccentric Gardenburger, known as the “underground’s psychedelic swingin’ stepmom”, big hair and all, along with a change of pace in Paula Hunter’s use of movement in storytelling. To get a glimpse of what these and other artists have in store, head over on the 8th from 6-8pm, and see the antics for yourself. Free with museum admission.   More


Downton Abbey Offers Previews in Cranston

While the show may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the rarified charms of Downton Abbey, the popular PPS series, seems to have a rabidly loyal fan base. We’re not sure exactly what will be offered, but there will be a showing of the first episode of 2014 season four before it airs nationally, on January 3 at the Park Theatre in Cranston. We understand there will also be a pre-screening party to boot. For more details on what to expect, visit their website or call their box office at 467-7275. Since the Park Theatre is basically on one level, we assume this Downton Abbey won’t have special upstairs or downstairs seatings.



A Rhode Island Non-Profit That's Music to Our Ears

The Victoria Alviti Music Foundation is on a mission to keep music alive in schools across the nation. Sharon Alviti started the Rhode Island-based nonprofit in memory of her daughter Victoria. Victoria had a passion for music, which she shared as a professional DJ, booking performances around the world. At 22, Victoria was involved in a tragic car accident in Malibu. Before she passed she shared with her mother her dream to start an oranization that kept music in schools.

Today, her mother and their foundation are doing just that. The foundation offers a 12-week program to participating schools. All students receive a recorder, a lesson book and basic music literacy instruction. Additionally, participating music teachers receive professional development. The students spend those 12 weeks learning music provided specifically for them by Carnegie Hall. All of their hard work culminates in a grand concert in which students get to play side by side with the Rhode Island Philharmonic.

In its short existence, the foundation has had great success with the program, reaching 7,000 students last year and 10,000 this year. Sharon hopes to reach 14,000 next year and the sky’s the limit from there. It cost about $18 per student for the program. The foundation relies heavily on local donations and fundraising events to cover these costs.

Want to help the cause? Attend their 3rd Annual Jazz on the Green fundraiser at Alpine Country Club on September 22. The event includes a Tuscan buffet, raffle prizes and a silent auction. Guests will also enjoy live performances by Mike Renzi and friends. September 22 at 3:30pm. Alpine Country Club, 251 Pippin Orchard Rd., Cranston. $40. For more information email the organization.   More

Providence Cocktail Week

Announcing the Competitors for the Providence Cocktail Week Cocktail Competition

It's official! We have our line-up of fierce competitors for the Providence Cocktail Week Cocktail Competition Presented by Pernod Ricard and Bottles Fine Wine. On Wednesday, September 25, 12 contestants will square off at Fete for cocktail supremacy. And the best part is, for a mere $10, you get to sample all their drinks – and vote on your favorite. There will also be Pernod Ricard drink specials, live music from the Funky Autocrats, food from the Julians food truck, and your MCs for the evening, our own John Taraborelli and the Rhode Show's Michaela Johnson. Don't miss out. Click here to buy tickets.

Bartender, Bar, Cocktail:

-Meagan Maloney, Bluewater Bar & Grill, "Into the Misty"

-Jennifer Leisenring, Tazza, "Sunrise Sangria"

-Vito Lantz, The Dorrance, "The Down City Sour"

-Justin Erickson, Vanity, "The Bell Toll"

-Silas Axtell, Farmstead, "Nervous Fugitive"

-Lara Pietropaolo, Local 121, "Black Friday"

-Joseph Haggard, The Grange, "Cervantes"

-Jason Lawrence, Providence Fermentery, "Pink Betty"

-Jason Kindness, Malt on Broadway, "September Shrub"

-Juan Isaza, Bravo Brasserie, "Christmas In a Glass"

-Mateo Mancia, representing his own damn self, "The Graveyard Shift"

-Perri Peet, Fete, "Limbic Kalopsia"   More

Drink Recipe

The Rockefeller Royal

It’s the perfect drink and you can serve it as a punch. The last thing you want to be doing as a host is making drinks all night. Mix together in a lovely punch bowl...

1 liter of Grand Marnier

64 oz. of pomegranate juice

1 oz of cranberry bitters

(angostura, orange bitters or any kind of aromatic bitter will work) and 2 bottles of champagne

A block of ice



Athletic Underwear Made Locally

Optimal fitness performance requires optimal fitness gear, and undergarments aren't excluded. How often do you wish you had underwear that can stand up to your race-day expectations?

Local fitness apparel company Believe I Am has developed the “I Am Strong” Running Bikini. Visually appealing, leak resistant and made from moisture-wicking fabric by Providence-founded Dear Kate, the form-fitting pink and black bikini set will remind you of your inner strength as you pass that mile marker.



Trans-Siberian Orchestra Plays The Dunk this Month

One of the most beloved holiday traditions returns to Providence much to the excitement of many. Visit the Dunkin’ Donuts Center for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra: Lost Christmas Eve. The orchestra’s acclaimed rock opera is a captivating onstage performance with lights, lazers and pyrotechnics; it tells the heart-warming tale of loss and redemption on a magical Christmas Eve in New York City. Grab the whole family; this show is not to be missed. Luxury suites are available (and make a great gift!)

December 18, call 680-4716 to reserve. $41.50-$71.50. 7:30pm. 


An Hour in the Life of... Skateboarder Pete Dorrance

Who: Pete Dorrance

What: Skateboarder and social activist

When: 5:30pm, Monday, April 30

Where: A house on the West Side of Providence

Why: ‘Cause skateboarders are awesome, duh

Pete Dorrance skates as much as he can. Between his full-time job (working with autistic students) and chipping away at his dream (starting a nonprofit), he’s a busy guy. Still, skateboarding always factors heavily into the mix. He’s been skating for 20 years; he knows no other way. “When I was a kid, my parents took me to Waterbrothers — a surf and skate shop in Newport. They had a halfpipe next to the shop, which was right on the beach,” he recalls.

Pete grew up in suburbia and skated in his neighborhood; occasionally, he came to Providence to street skate. Regardless of where he chose to shred, he always faced opposition. “Skating has become more accepted, but it’s still a constant battle for skateboarders to street skate and find new terrain,” he says. “Skaters still get tickets, police still confiscate boards and security guards still hassle kids.”

Skaters need to seek out new places to shred in order to ramp-up their own repertoire of tricks and keep up with the increasing level of “mind boggling” competition that currently exists out there. Pete and his crew got sick of butting their heads against the proverbial wall; a few of them banded together and hence the idea for the nonprofit was born.

“There are not nearly enough skateparks and until that problem is fixed, skating will always be a battle,” Pete says. He thinks that more cities and towns should recognize the need for certain unused public spaces to be sanctioned for skating. “We’re in the process of starting a nonprofit called RIPS, which will stand for Rhode Island Public Skateparks or Revitalizing Inactive Public Spaces.”

While the group hasn’t yet settled on the antecedent of their …   More


Make Your Own Gin Fizz

Makes a six-pack

Equipment: Funnel, glass bottles and caps, at-home capper

1 c gin (preferably something neutral like Beefeater or Plymouth)

1 c grapefruit juice (preferably fresh or not-from-concentrate)

1⁄2 c thyme syrup

1⁄2 c fresh lime juice 6 c soda water

Make the thyme syrup: Boil 1 cup each of sugar and water with five sprigs of fresh thyme until sugar dissolves. Let cool. Store excess syrup in the refrigerator for future use.

Make the sodas: Mix together syrup, gin and juices. Pour into bottles using a funnel, then top off with club soda. Cap immediately per capper’s instructions, then refrigerate. Capping as quickly as possible after adding the soda ensures maximum carbonation.   More

Worth a Go for Lovers of Poe

Providence and Edgar Allan Poe enjoyed a particularly interesting relationship back in the mid-19th century. The author famously courted Providence poetess Helen Whitman, to the chagrin of her parents apparently. Legend has it much of their courtship took place in the Providence Athenaeum on Benefit Street. As an alcoholic, he undoubtedly checked out many of our local watering holes too. Which is why Poe lovers might want to catch a wonderful exhibition at the Morgan Library in New York that details the author’s indelible impact on his fellow writers. Often utilizing original correspondence never assembled in one place before, this thought provoking exhibit runs through January 24. It opened to “ravin’” reviews. (Couldn’t resist).


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