Providence Cocktail Week Cocktail Competition

   SORRY, ENTRIES HAVE CLOSED. SEE YOU AT THE COMPETITION ON 9/25! You want to read all this stuff, so there are no surprises later: Event Details: The Providence Cocktail Week …




You want to read all this stuff, so there are no surprises later:

Event Details: The Providence Cocktail Week Cocktail Competition presented by Pernod Ricard and Bottles Fine Wine will be held on Wednesday, September 25, 2013 at Fete (103 Dike St., Providence) from 7-10pm. Entrants will first submit a cocktail recipe according to the rules and guidelines below. Twelve submissions will be selected from all eligible entries to be admitted into the Competition; ENTERING A RECIPE DOES NOT GUARANTEE ACCEPTANCE INTO THE COMPETITION. In the first round, competitors will mix their submitted cocktail for a panel of judges and pour samples for attendees. Six of the twelve will be chosen by the judges to advance to the second round, with consideration given to attendees' votes. In the second round, competitors will improvise a new cocktail using one mystery ingredient and a limited selection of other ingredients. Again, the judging panel, with consideration given to attendees' votes, will determine the final winner.

Deadline to enter: 11:59pm on Friday, September 6. Winning entries will be announced on Tuesday, September 10.

Prize Package: A night of limousine service from Starlight Limousine with a bar stocked by Bottles Fine Wine, 2 tickets to any show and a $50 gift card at Fete, a "Stirred Set Up" (includes seamless Yarai mixing glass, premium julep strainer and Trident bar spoon) from Cocktail Kingdom, your cocktail recipe and ingredients featured at Bottles Fine Wine, and an interview in the "Behind the Bar" column in the November issue of Providence Monthly.


1) Entrants must submit a cocktail recipe using only the liquors provided by Pernod Ricard. Click here to download the list (PDF) of available liquors.

2) Recipes must be specific, including ingredients, measurements and portions, instructions (shake, strain over ice, etc.), garnishes and serving glass.

3) Entrants must be TIPS certified, and willing and able to provide documentation if accepted into the event.

4) Entrants must be 21+.

Things You Need to Know:

-If accepted into the competition, you will be preparing and serving your cocktail live at Fete, with about 45 minutes to make a perfect one for the judges and sample portions for the people in attendance. It's going to get all Iron Chef up in there, so have your game face on.

-You will be provided with the necessary Pernod Ricard liquors, as well as a basic selection of mixers (lime, tonic, OJ, etc.), ice, the required glassware for serving the judges, 2oz. sample cups for the attendees and a waste basket.

-You must provide your own tools and non-branded barware (mixing spoons, shakers, strainers, knives, etc.); they will not be supplied at the competition.

-Any non-standard ingredients (i.e. obscure bitters, esoteric liqueurs, exotic fruit juices, etc.) are your own responsibility, and will not be supplied at the competition.

-You are allowed and encouraged to bring an assistant or bar back, but they must also be TIPS certified and 21+

-If you advance to the second round, you will be given 30 minutes to improvise and serve a new recipe using a mystery ingredient, a limited selection of Pernod Ricard liquors and mixers. Get ready to think on your feet.

-The winner gets a great prize, but like The Highlander, there can only be one.

Guidelines and Wise Words:

-Creativity and ingenuity in your recipe are encouraged, but preference will be given to recipes that aspriring home mixologists could recreate on their own. While we think it's great that you managed to track down small batch passionfruit bitters from some bearded dude in Brooklyn, that's not necessarily what we want to see here. Sometimes less is more.

-Keep in mind that you will need to recreate this recipe in large quanitities in a pressure situation. While your cocktail will be served to the judges in its ideal form, you will also be serving it to attendees in less than ideal 2oz. sample cups, so think for a moment about whether your cocktail really needs that salted rim, rosemary sprig or egg white froth.

-This event is entertainment as much as it's a competition. Thus, the hosts may interact with you while you're working, stick a microphone in your face or just generally annoy you. Roll with the punches. The people's votes will help determine the winner, so if you can win them over with both your delicious cocktail and your sparkling personality, the odds are in your favor.