A Home on Hope Street

This East Side home has historical charm


About the Homeowner
A transplant from Boulder, Hayden Hernandez is a material scientist at Tyco. He lives in one of the apartments in the top floors of the Lippitt House Mansion on Hope Street.

1. I had just moved to Rhode Island, and I really lucked out to find this place. I love that there's a beautiful fountain that's always running in the summertime. The architecture is beautiful. There are eight-foot windows all over the place and fireplaces in four rooms. It's a very luxurious environment to be in. 2. The painting is of the Spanish Steps in Rome. I bought it from a street artist while I was there. I liked the colors and the idea of having a piece of unique art. 3. I love this lighting, to sit in this window and read books there. I feel so privileged to be able to do that. 4. I love this crown molding. Preserve RI is really good at staying true to the architecture of the Lippitt House. They can't make any modifications to the house. I think the only thing they did was to add the kitchen to my unit. I'm not allowed to paint over the colors they chose, but they chose well, so that's fine. 5. I've been playing guitar (poorly!) for about 10 years. I like to play classical music, especially Isaac Albinez.