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A West Side Home with Designer Appeal

A RISD grad incorporates design in his West Side renovated mill


1. I designed these vases in collaboration with a factory in Pawtucket that produces braided rugs for the floor. They’re modeled after a John Singer Sargent painting in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

2. Those are French pochoirs, part of a collection I’ve been developing. They’re from a magazine from the 1920s Gazette du Bon Ton. They were individually hand colored and there were only 300 ever printed. They’re really beautiful and among my favorite pieces.

3. The insects have been a longtime hobby. My parents would buy them on holidays and I buy them on my travels: Notting Hill Market in London, a local antique shop in my hometown in Massachusetts. Every time they get a new one in they call my parents to see if it could be a stocking stuffer. My sister bought me one in Salamanca, Spain. It’s a collaborative collection.

4. My friend Jen made that for me in a Materials Exploration class that I taught at RISD. It’s canvas that’s been soaked in Elmer’s Glue and overlaid with hand-woven fabric, wrapped around a block of wood.

5. I got this mask on a National Geographic expedition tracking gray whales in the Sea of Cortes in Baja California in 2009. It was made on a sparsely-populated island in Mexico.