Answers to the Great Providence Scavenger Hunt

WEST SIDE1. Providence College.2. Henry Barnard School.3. Camille’s.4. Westminster Street.5. Justine’s, Providence’s only currently operating speakeasy.6. The Cranston Street Armory, which once …


1. Providence College.
2. Henry Barnard School.
3. Camille’s.
4. Westminster Street.
5. Justine’s, Providence’s only currently operating speakeasy.
6. The Cranston Street Armory, which once housed the National Guard, but is now vacant save when it’s used for party space. The two movies that used the Armory are Outside Providence and Underdog.
7. The Wedding Cake House, which is actually the Kendrick-Prentice-Tirocchi House.
8. Antonelli’s Poultry on the Hill. Owner Chris Morris had his eye on the giant cock for years and finally bought it when the liquor store went out of business.
9. Broad Street. There’s a group of Latin American food trucks that do a booming business after dark there.
10. Johnson & Wales (Harborside Campus, to be exact).

11. The Knowledge District.
12. The Providence Children’s Museum.
13. Public Kitchen and Bar, housed in the Renaissance Providence Hotel, which was constructed in the 1920s as a Masonic Temple.
14. Local 121, in AS220’s Mercantile Block on Washington Street. The basement held a speakeasy during Prohibition, which is why their downstairs live music space is called The Speakeasy.
15. Grant’s Block, at the corner of Union and Westminster, which is also the summer home of Movies on the Block and hosts Food Truck Tuesdays year-round.
16. The Superman Building.
17. General Ambrose Burnside, whose statue sits in Burnside Park next to Kennedy Plaza. In addition to running successful campaigns in North Carolina and Tennessee during the Civil War, he was also an industrialist and a U.S. Congressman.
18. Union Station was the original home of Providence’s train station.
19. The Independence Trail, Providence’s answer to Boston’s Freedom Trail.
20. The trolley, which is what the tunnel was originally built for.

21. Governor Stephen Hopkins House.
22. The Providence Athenaeum, where literary giants like Poe, Thoreau and Emerson all spoke in their heyday.
23. The Barker Playhouse, which staged its first show in 1909, mak- ing it 105 years old.
24. Prospect Park, on Congdon Street, where the iconic statue of Williams doing “The Roger” overlooks downtown.
25. RISD’s basketball team is called “The Balls” and their hockey team is “The Nads,” both cheered on by an anatomically correct mascot called “Scrotie.” You read that right.
26. Brown University’s first home was in Warren, under the name “The College in the English Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.”
27. These gruesome books are part of the John Hay Library's Special Collections. Unfortunately for you fans of the macabre, the library is closed for renovations until later this year.
28. George M. Cohan, who grew up in Fox Point and now dances into eternity in George M. Cohan Square.
29. River Road, on the Seekonk River.
30. H.P. Lovecraft, whose tombstone says, “I am Providence.” So are you, if you made it through this quiz.

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