At Home

At Home: Past Meets Present

A peek inside a retro-fabulous apartment in the Peerless Building.


1. A flashback to a time before the jungle of digital music, the record player was a gift from Rich’s uncle, who kept the machine in perfect, museum-quality condition. It’s now a resident way to play Michael Jackson’s Thriller album, and other such gems from the past.

2. Due to the unique design and layout of the loft, this 4’x8’ canvas painting was taken off the wall in their dining room to showcase it. This custom piece from a still functioning Italian pasta company, Gerardo Di Nola, was originally hanging in a now-closed pizzeria in Lincoln.

3. In his previous position, Rich was the Deputy Press Secretary for Senator Sheldon Whitehouse. This framed photo of the U.S. Capitol, complete with signatures from the senator and other former co-workers, rounds out Rich’s office space as a look back at this incredible experience during his career.

4. Always gurus for a great piece of vintage life, this globe (circa 1959) from the Rhode Island Antiques Mall in Pawtucket again accents the space with a nostalgic reminder of how much the world has changed since it was imprinted.

5. Michael’s desk is a nod to the great creative spirit of Providence. Designed and purchased from RISD student James Reed (jamesreeddesign. com), its glass tabletop and antique saw-horse legs sing in harmony with the old-meets-new design of the loft space.

About the Homeowners
Rich Pezzillo and Michael DeGrandpre have comfortably nestled into a loft in the Peerless Building. Rich is the Communications Director for a national health care non-profit, and Michael is the Creative Director for a boutique sports management company. Both work remotely and travel regularly.