Leading Ladies 2016

Bianca Christofaro

Owner – Queen B’s Cakery


For Bianca Christofaro, starting her own gourmet cake bakery was a family affair. “Being from a close Italian family, food is the way of life,” she says. Now, Bianca has taken that way of life and found a way to make a living at it. Queen B’s Cakery is a custom bake shop where everything is made in-house, from the cake fillings to the sculpted floral decorations. “I love the reactions when people see their cake for the first time,” Bianca says. “I love the artistry of it, putting it all together and taking a step back to admire what I just created. It feels good to make people happy.”

Bianca’s entrepreneurial spirit comes from her grandmother, who owned her own business. “I come from a long line of strong, business-minded women,” she says. Her father helps deliver cakes, and her mom, she says, “has helped me in countless ways, from finding the space my shop is located in to washing dishes and her favorite: making frosting!” Bianca’s mom was also the inspiration to open Queen B’s in the first place. “I wanted to make my mom a cake on her birthday that looked like her Mini Cooper. People went nuts. I started getting orders from family and friends. I wouldn’t be anywhere without their support.”

Where she is is at the helm of an incredibly creative bakery that turns out one-of-a-kind art pieces that taste as good as they look. Bianca’s work has won Best of the Knot for three years running, and has been featured in Cake Central Magazine. But, don’t think you can just stop in and pick up something on the way home. “We’re a special order cakery, and open by appointment so we can give our clients exactly what they want,” Bianca says. Rather than having someone else take the order, Bianca sits with every client to understand their vision. “I take the order, and I bake and decorate the cake. Nothing can get lost in translation,” she says. “I take great pride in my work, and I want everyone’s cakes to be as amazing as they do!”

1227 Atwood Avenue, Johnston • 401-524-4736 • www.QueenBCakery.comqueenbcakery@gmail.com