Burn Off Those Holiday Hams with Providence Running Tours

Start the year with a new running routine that incorporates sight seeing


There are two schools of thought in January regarding exercise. The first is the gung ho, sticking-to-their-resolutions kind who will be at the gym every day this month, pounding the treadmill in an effort to kickstart their fitness routines and bounce back from a month of visions (and mouthfuls) of sugar plums dancing through their heads. The second, well, isn’t. These creatures of comfort will come up with any excuse not to exercise, and to justify the guilt of passing on working out. It’s too cold out. I’m tired. It’s dark already. I don’t want to put down my mac and cheese. Is there a gym-friendly way to eat mac and cheese? Somebody should invent that. Cheese is protein, right?

But, there’s good news. City Running Tours: Providence offers a whole new kind of motivation to get moving – the awesomeness of the city. They offer daily running tours like Historic Providence, Waterfront Tour, Secrets of Providence and a Culinary Tour. There’s even a Union Station Tour in the works, which, if the beer gods are smiling upon you, will feature a stop at the brewery.

Tours happen early (6:30 and 8:30am) or late (6:30pm) almost every day. If group running isn’t your thing – like if you’ve been scarred by being the slowest kid in your grade school gym class – they also do personalized individual runs. All of your excuses are officially done.

City Running Tours: Providence
877- 415-0058