Curling, Rhody Style

The Winter Olympics favorite gets its first Ocean State tournament


The winter games kick off in South Korea this month, but for fans of a certain broom-related sport, the chance to see curling up close is happening much closer to home. The Ocean State Curling Club is hosting its first bonspiel (fancy word for a curling tournament) on February 11 at the Cranston Veterans Memorial Rink, aka The Bubble. The event – dubbed the Quahogspiel, naturally – will see teams from around Southern New England take to the ice for the day-long competition.

“We’re fairly young, as far as a curling club,” explains Janet Prichard of Ocean State Curling. “We’ve gone to bonspiels at other clubs, so this is our way to give back to the local curling community.” Community’s a key word here – a highlight of curling culture is the tradition of “broomstacking,” which finds teams going out for beers after a match.

The Bubble isn’t exactly equipped for spectators, but curious onlookers are welcome to line up along the boards and see how it’s done (seriously, watching it on TV alone doesn’t do the sport justice). And for those who really have the itch to get on the ice, Ocean State Curling will be hosting one of its regular Learn to Curl events on February 18.