Leading Ladies 2016

Dayna Mancini-Simmons

Director of Sales and Marketing – Lang’s Bowlarama


Some classics are just too perfect to mess with. Thanks to the Lang Family and Dayna Mancini-Simmons, Lang’s Bowlarama is one of them. The time capsule bowling alley in Cranston has been restored to its original 1960s glory, complete with a retro Skyline Lounge serving cocktails and comfort food. Lang’s was opened by charismatic salesman Ed Lang in 1960, and is still owned by the Lang family today with his 2 grandsons, Rich and Dave Lang, at the helm. They did a great job of restoring and renovating, taking the next step in hiring Dayna. “I’m in charge of preserving and elevating their family legacy. It’s bigger than just ad campaigns - it’s working with them to ensure their family legacy is being properly presented.”

“Being rooted in the ‘50s and ‘60s, the ‘golden era’ of bowling, allows us to have lots of fun,” Dayna says. “Whereas other bowling alleys use the vintage vibe to promote, we are the real deal - born in 1960 and true to our mid-century roots.” They had a huge 55th anniversary celebration last year, complete with Langs’ own My Little Town ornament. “It makes me feel like I am a part of something much larger, that means something to Rhode Island, and that is pretty awesome. There’s something special in these walls. It’s not just a bowling alley; it was someone’s dream and it’s lived on through the generations.”

225 Niantic Ave, Cranston • 401-944-0500