Farm Out

The growing season starts with the Urban Ag Kick-Off


We can’t all be born with naturally green thumbs, and a lot of us who live in the city don’t have the space for what you’d traditionally call a farm, but why should that stop you from growing your own herbs and heirloom veggies where you can? The folks at the Southside Community Land Trust are hosting their annual Urban Ag Kick-Off this month at four community gardens across the city, bringing not just free seeds, but also the know-how to help fledgling farmers get their own non-GMO gardens growing in no time.

On April 14, experts will be at the Sessions Street Community Garden on the East Side, Joslin Community Garden in Olneyville, Davey Lopes Recreation Center on the South Side, and Groundwork Community Garden on the West Side to answer questions about chemical-free gardening and planting schedules, as well as distribute free seeds. Organic fertilizer will be available for purchase, and members of the Southside Community Land Trust – or anyone who signs up – will get to leave home with up to 50 gallons of sweet, sweet compost. It all lines up with SCLT’s continuing mission to spread access to land, education, and resources to Rhode Islanders looking to engage in healthy, sustainable food practices.

Backyard and container gardens are a great way to take that first step into urban farming, and as far as fresh picked goes, nothing beats walking into your yard and snatching something straight out of your own dirt.