Fashion on Wheels

Mobile boutique Post and Grove is popping up all over Providence with its eclectic and stylish pieces


Missie Yachimski had been thinking about opening a brick-and-mortar boutique for a while, but started to feel overwhelmed with the costs of spaces around Providence and the difficulty of finding a location people would want to make the trip to. So when a friend mentioned seeing a mobile boutique in LA, Missie’s interest was piqued by the thought of bringing her love of fashion to the masses on four wheels. In December 2014 she came across a big red laundry truck and, with a little help from friends, turned it into Post and Grove, the modern rolling boutique you can find on the streets of Providence today. The shop is neatly styled (dressing room included) and contains an eclectic mix of new and vintage pieces Missie sources from all over. This month you can find them at the PVD Flea and at Foolproof’s Augtoberfest. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out where they’re rolling to next.