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Home Profile: All About the Architecture

Renovations reveal hidden architectural gems in this East Side couple's home


Reg and Vicki Gohh both work at Rhode Island Hospital. They live on the East Side of Providence in a turn of the century home.

1. In the late ‘50s, this basement was cut up into a dental office with tiny exam rooms. Red House Custom Building designed a space that we could use as a home gym and media room, and during the demolition process they uncovered an original, structural arch. We didn’t know we would find these architectural details.

2. They also uncovered a wonderful brick foundation that highlighted the home’s original detailing and substantial structure. Both the arch and brick wall were reincorporated into the new design.

3. The arched window was stripped and restored to original working order and really provides enough natural light for the space.

4. The fireplace is one of four original to the home. We use all the other fireplaces in the house, so it’s nice to have and adds to the ambiance of the room.

5. Original owner, Harold T. Merriman, had sketched a plan of the home’s surrounding property in 1899. It’s interesting to see what he had planned to do with the house.

6. The high paneled wainscot that Red House incorporated wasn’t part of the original architecture, but it perfectly mimics the late 1800’s battered paneling found under several wall layers during demo.

7. The LED accent lighting was installed behind the top cap of the wainscot. I think it certainly adds to the ambience of the room and gives it a warm glow.