Hot Toddies Return to Brewed Awakenings

The Warwick coffeeshop shares their tasty Nose Warmer recipe


With all the time spent indoors this season, it’s only right that traditional favorites get kicked up a notch. Coffee, although wonderful all on its own, could use some company. That’s where Brewed Awakenings comes in, by adding a little liquor to the mix. The result is a recipe for wintery success.

Mixing coffee and booze is, for some strange reason, a confounding concept to many people. To them, coffee solely belongs to AM hours. It peps you up and greets the daylight. In this worldview, cocktails occupy the opposite side of the spectrum – serving to wind you down and greet the evening. The more imaginative person considers how nicely they play together from a flavor standpoint and respects that the combination is acceptable most any time of day. Brunch? Yes. Nightcap? Also yes.

Brewed Awakenings now joins that more imaginative class. The Warwick location acquired a full liquor license and developed a tailored list of coffee-based “adult drinks” to serve alongside the drip coffees, espressos, lattes and cappuccinos they were already prized for. The engineer of that list was manager Bob Woodstock, who happens to be a 30-year veteran of the bartending trade, and competed in bartending throwdowns from Dallas to Taiwan.

Try their Nose Warmer (available at the Warwick location) on for size as the chill in the air sharpens. Its effect is exactly as advertised, and good from noon to night.

Brewed Awakenings
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