Influencer: Willa Van Nostrand



"My style can be described as vintage, vibrant, and elegant. I love pops of color, psychedelic floral patterns, naturally dyed materials, indigo, and batik. At work (Little Bitte Artisanal Cocktails and World’s Fair Gallery), we curate and coordinate our outfits for every event. We have a stunning collection of cocktail aprons ranging from retro floral to mod geometric patterns, to those made from hand-woven textiles. Our outfits are always intentional and considered. I love the style and flare of vintage cocktail dresses and that classic fifties glamour. I’ve always been drawn to ‘50s silhouettes because I naturally have an hourglass shape that fits into that era of fashion. I live in cotton, linen, denim, and cashmere. I believe in well-made, handcrafted accessories. My favorite local companies are Lotuff Leather, R Form Jewelry, and Tiffany Peay Jewelry.

I look for flattering cuts, nothing too tight and no synthetic materials if I can help it. I’m more interested in buying one-of-a-kind statement pieces than brand names. I love high-waisted jeans, a silk kimono, and pearls – everyone needs a pair of pearl earrings.
Little Bitte was born in 2009 after I graduated from college with a degree in acting. I realized that I could merge my passion for cocktails, edible blossoms, theater, and costume into an art-infused cocktail company. I saw a niche in the farm-to-table movement and translated that through the lens of garden-to-glass.

I love having a business in Providence because we’re such a culinary-minded city. It’s also incredibly helpful how close everything is.
When I’m home, it’s 50/50 cocktails and natural wine. Specifically, margaritas and sparkling rosè. My all time favorite cocktail is the Bees Knees’ (gin, lemon, honey) and my favorite spirit is mezcal.
I own two businesses at the moment: Little Bitte and World’s Fair Gallery. At the gallery, I pair emerging 2D and 3D artists with an emphasis on vessels. For every show, we work with a ceramicist or glassblower to design a cup for the opening reception and have a pop-up cocktail bar with beverages designed specifically for the artwork and the vessel. I’m also in a band with my sister Glenna and her partner Ken called The Van Nostrand Sisters."