Influencers: Ben and Aja Blanc

Furniture and Interior Designers


Aja says:

"I like casual-classics paired with statement moments, such as red lips or bold earrings. I care about comfort, texture, and the longevity of clothing. I like fabrics that last and stand up to design work in the studio or being home with our young daughters, such as denim, linen, and sustainable wool. I own a lot of jumpsuits and love them for their ease, but also architectural shape. I would rather buy a really well-made piece secondhand before purchasing something new that won’t last.

Running our own furniture design company definitely influences our clothing choices. Design and fashion are both so aspirational. The things we live with and wear reflect the way we want to move in the world. Also, as a small business making well-made limited edition pieces, I really love and respect small fashion houses making thoughtful, sustainable clothing.

We are able to focus and make our work within an inspiring community of colleagues while also giving energy to what inspires our own creativity – being outside, the water, being with family. My perfect day is working in the studio and then grabbing a beach blanket for oysters and champagne on the beach.”

Ben says:

“My style is basic but intentional. I like well-made, straightforward pieces that create a foundation. I can toss on a pair of sneakers, a hat, or maybe some sunglasses to round out the look. I’m obsessed with my Izipizi blue sunglasses that I acquired from Island Boy in Warren.

I get a lot of inspiration from Instagram for collecting visual input. Also surf culture, nature, the ocean, surfer publications. I love looking at fine art and vintage portraits of artists like Donald Judd and Rauschenberg.

We’re able to work hard and play hard here. After a day of work, we can end up in Little Compton or at Moonstone Beach with friends for a sunset and a swim. The city is ideally located, too. We can access New York City when we need to, but can also totally get lost in the energy of Providence."