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Inspiration in Providence's Birds of Prey

Artist Peter Green combines PVD's man-made icons with the birds who still inhabit those same spaces


When Peter Green moved into his downtown Providence apartment ten years ago he didn’t know it at the time that he picked the perfect place to pursue one of his passions: bird watching. “There was just a hawk a half hour ago outside my window chasing pigeons!” Peter excitedly divulged at the onset of our conversation. A graphic designer by trade and a photographer by choice, Peter decided to merge these two worlds together and create The Providence Raptors Landmark Collection.

This new art project, which Peter launched at the close of 2015, “features the city’s most identifiable landmarks with the raptors that frequent them.” He “really wanted to do something bold and graphic,” and transformed this vision into striking artwork that is especially unique to our community because it “really only appeals to people in Providence.”

He speaks to the novelty of his project, stressing the fascinating way in which the raptors have become a part of the cityscape: “The birds have been there longer than the landmarks,” he says, “These birds are in the same spot they were 30 years ago. Different families and generations, but it’s [their territory].” His website is a nature-lover’s heaven, displaying scene-by-scene shots of magnificent birds in their urban habitat of downtown Providence. My personal favorite is a series of Ospreys clawing fish, flying through the sky and landing on a tree branch, which Green so cleverly captions “Table for 4 – B.Y.O.F. (Bring Your Own Fish).”