Leading Ladies 2016

J. Katherine Scott, Esq. & Laura G. Handwerger, Esq.

Owners – Scott & Handwerger, LLP


“It hasn’t always been easy, but we are setting an excellent example for our young daughters,” attorneys Katherine Scott and Laura Handwerger say of establishing their firm Scott & Handwerger. “We’re able to practice law in the way we both wanted, which is to put the clients first and respect their individual needs.”

As partners in their own firm, Katherine and Laura’s practice focuses on estate planning and settlement, special needs planning, trust administration, guardianships, probate, elder law and Medicaid. After both working at other firms in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, the women opened their own practice in 2012. “We wanted the opportunity to better serve our clients and also be able to build a practice that has a foundation in service, honor and integrity,” they say. “We both enjoy working closely with families to ensure their needs are met. If a loved one is going through a difficult time, we are able to provide guidance and support.”

While Katherine previously practiced in California, New York and New Jersey, the firm is soley focused on matters in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. “We love meeting new people,” the women say. “It’s an honor to offer assistance to families at times when they truly need it.”

“While estate planning, in general, may not sound that exciting, we make it our priority to listen to clients and their needs,” Katherine and Laura explain. “We never make recommendations before we take the time to get to know our clients and their personal situations.” It is very important to understand the clients’ needs. As they say, “We try to be approachable and understanding. We are mothers, wives and we run a business, which gives us a unique perspective.”

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