Leading Ladies 2016

Jo-Anna Cassino

Owner – Flipp Salon Apothecary


For Jo-Anna Cassino, true beauty comes from the inside. The stylist, known for her chic, modern cuts and color, is also an herbalist who formulates her own products, some with herbs she grows herself, right here in Providence. “Beauty begins within,” Jo-Anna says, “and we really can supply the whole package.”

There are two parts to Flipp: the salon, which exclusively uses non-toxic products for its fashion-forward hair and makeup styling; and the apothecary, where Jo-Anna blends face and body products, perfumes and teas. Flipp also offers therapies like reflexology and acupuncture. The walls are also a gallery space for local artists. For Jo-Anna, who’s pursuing a degree in Tibetan medicine, it’s very important to offer clients natural beauty options. “I’m offering a non toxic environment, and a place where people can become educated about the beauty and benefits of plant based product and therapies in an industry that more often does the opposite,” she says. “I really work hard for it and I’m proud of it.”

At Flipp, though, the most important thing is that clients look at feel great. “I love the creativity and the relationships we build,” Jo-Anna says. “With every conversation there is a new world to explore.”

38 Transit Street, Providence • 401-274-1981