Leading Ladies 2016

Kaitlynn Renaud

Large Breed Specialist – Perfect Paws


“I’m a cowgirl at heart,” says Perfect Paws groomer Kaitlynn Renaud. In addition to grooming dogs every day, the animal lover has two dogs of her own, two horses, a miniature pony, a goat and some chickens. “I’ve always loved animals, and always wanted to work with them as my career.” Unlike many other shops that have multiple dogs waiting, Perfect Paws works only by appointment, grooming one pet at a time for a faster and better quality experience. “I treat my clients’ pets like my own,” Kaitlynn, who specializes in large breeds and double coated breeds and mizes, says. “People love how we handle their pets.”

550 Kingstown Road, Wakefield
401-580-3439 • www.petgroomerwakefield.com