Leading Ladies 2016

Kathy Wilson

Owner – Perennials Consignment & Island Overstock


Kathy Wilson knows smart shoppers. After all, the owner of Perennials Consignment has spent 20 years consulting and working with small retailers. After 15 years as part-owner of a business in London, she returned to the United States, buying Perennials one and a half years ago. Kathy also owns Island Overstock, which sells new consignment items from upscale boutiques at deep discounts. “Perennials sells high quality resale clothing for women and men,” Kathy explains. “Island sells brand new items from independently owned upscale boutiques in Rhode Island.”

“We’re the store that always has a sale,” Kathy says. Perennials Consignment offers the smartest kind of shopping: you bring your gently used clothing to the store, consign it away for someone else to love, and use the money you earn to buy yourself a new to you (and sometimes new with the tags on) wardrobe. “We recycle gorgeous clothing and accessories,” Kathy says. “There is no need to pay full retail anymore. So many great items are available at local consignment stores.” The store stocks enviable brands - think stores from the mall, and go up from there - at much better prices than you would ever find at those stores, and in sizes up to 3x. This year, Kathy is hoping to establish “clothing closets” in local schools where kids can shop privately, at no cost. As she says, “Children deserve nice, fashionable clothing, even if they can’t afford it.”

40F Charles Street, Wakefield • 401-782-3720