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Take a peek inside a local designer's live/work microloft at the Arcade


About the Homeowner
Jonathan Joseph Peters wears many hats – he’s a fashion designer, creative director for StyleWeek, and part-owner of Nude, the designer collaborative – but he manages to fit all of them into his live/work microloft at the Arcade.

1. At first I was really intimidated at the idea of living in a micro-loft because design takes so much space, but there’s so much storage built into the loft. My unit in particular has an extra area where I can put my cutting table, so working in my live space is totally possible.

2. This red cocktail dress that Amy Diaz wore during the American Heart Association Go Red Show during StyleWeek is one of my more popular designs.

3. I like my designs to be bold and humorous, so that includes mixing patterns, textures and colors. I like my designs to be very vivid and eye catching.

4. My sewing machine is a pink singer sewing machine from the ‘60s. I bought it from a consignment shop for $20. All the parts are metal, so it’s much more durable than the machines made today.

5. These are threads for my serger machine. Because I have so many colors of them, I like to keep them out like they’re artwork.