Lofty Style Goals

Inside a Calender Mills loft that blends old and new


“I’ve always loved when they rehab old mill buildings,” says Tom St. Germain, a hair stylist at Suite Tart and a board member of StyleWeek Northeast. So when it was time to move, Tom looked to the lofts at Calender Mills on Valley Street. “This area is great,” he says. “Troop and Riff Raff, that great bookstore lounge, are right next door. It’s really coming along down here.”

His corner unit is two floors, with an open living space below and a lofted bedroom above. “I love the flow of everything,” says St. Germain. “The downstairs is great because it’s open and really bright. When the sun comes through it warms the place up nicely.” The upstairs is a cozier space for sleeping. “There’s a wonderful skylight over my bed,” he says. “It’s a wood roof: when it rains it’s the most tranquil thing I’ve ever heard.”

He’s decorated his space with a blend of modern furniture and antiques. “It’s a great spot to decorate with old and new,” he says. “A lot of what I have has been in my family for a long time. The clocks have been in my family for years and years, and those metal lanterns have been in the family for generations.”