At Home

Making Beautiful Music

Performer Miss Wensday offers a glimpse inside her musical dining room


About the Homeowner
Miss Wensday is a performer, and theatre and voice educator. She lives on the West Side in an 1885 carriage house. Catch her Sunday and Tuesday evenings performing in the Magdalenae Room at the Dean Hotel with Miss Wensday and the Cotillions.

1. This is my dining room and music room. The table in the middle is for eating, and the table on the right is where I write and play music, and give lessons.

2. Sparky is a Boston Terrier, who’s turning nine this summer. He’s the best dog ever. Ging is the first cat I’ve had since I was a kid. There’s definitely a learning curve between being a dog owner and a cat owner. They have a really funny relationship. The cat is the alpha: Sparky is terrified in this photo, and Ging is owning it.

3. My grandmother painted that barn scene. Grandma Dotty (Nelson) went to Brown, class of 1935, when it was Pembroke. She just walked through the gates last year. She was a biologist, but she was a writer and a painter, too – very creative. After she died, I found the really cool photo of her from the ‘40s that’s on the table.

4. This print is from the first tour I went on with Dick Wagner. He produced my album, and was one of my managers. A couple of years ago I started touring with him. We’d played together before, but with all of the logistics gone of him managing me, it was just two musicians performing on tour together. We had such a great time together. He passed away this year. I’m so grateful that we were able to come together again and make music.

5. My best friend from NYU, Chirelle Cargill, made a movie about breast cancer called Twinkle. She wrote and directed the movie, and stars in it. The Cotillions recorded some music for it, and she had this sign made as a housewarming/thank you gift. It’s perfect for my musical dining room.