News Cafe vs. Larry's Lounge

Vote in the comments and decide which dive bar will move on to the next round of Dive Bar Madness!


News Cafe

43 Broad Street, Pawtucket

Have you heard? The News Café has become quite a hot spot for live music. We love the ‘50s-style black and white-checkered floor and the classic vinyl albums on the wall. Try a $1 Jell-O shot, a $3 plate of nachos or a Slim Jim for sale behind the bar. 43 Broad Street, Pawtucket

Keno: No
Bonus kitsch: Addams Family pinball machine and classic vinyl albums on display.

Larry's Lounge

2055 Smith Street, North Providence

Larry’s unassuming facade belies a dive bar like no other inside. Wisdom and sage advice abounds (“Women are trouble! I stay away!”), and convex TVs are hung in the corners. Ask for Danny, one of the regulars – he’ll make you feel most welcome. But don’t sit on the rocking chair with the built-in commode. As the sign says, that’s “Reserved for Sheila.” 2055 Smith Street, North Providence

Keno: Yes
Bonus kitsch: Payphone, autographed Playboy Bunny headshots and a collage of pics from the episode of Brotherhood filmed there.