A venerable local theatre adapts to survive


Perishable Theatre, known throughout the area for its fearless staging of original works and late-night programming, has announced its dissolution. Over its 26-year history, Perishable has brought together the finest area artists and performers while standing by their (let’s face it – a little suggestive) assertion, “performance provides artists with the forum to engage in big public ideas and provides audiences with the unique experience of having a personal experience safely within a group of strangers.” Many personal experiences have been had, indeed.

But don’t fret. Perishable isn’t going away so much as it’s getting a facelift. It’s transferring its assets, and stewardship of 95 Empire Street, to AS220, effective this month. The newly launched program – which is branded simply as 95 Empire – will host a core group of six producing companies in addition to other late-night programming. AS220 will expand upon Perishable’s Theatre Arts School and in keeping with tradition, promises to provide quality audience “experiences” as well.