MINT Condition Vintage on the West Side

MINT boutique: a stylish match made in instagam heaven


Jay Davani of SUEDE and Emily D’Ambra of Vintage Infused have joined fashionable forces to bring you MINT, a boutique that opened in late May on the West Side. After “meeting” on Instagram where they both sold clothing, the pair decided to come together to sell at pop-up shops and flea markets. “We can’t remember who started following who first but it was love at first filter,” Jay jokes.

Once the plan was set in motion, Jay and Emily got busy scouting locations. “We love the West Side and find ourselves hanging out there often,” Jay says. “The storefront fell into our laps one day when our friend Lizzy, who owns Shop Bananas, let us know that the space might be opening up. It was perfect for us.”

MINT sells clothing, shoes and accessories plus gifts, small home goods, furniture and handmade items. It’s important to note that the shop sells “man things” as well as clothing for women. “We love menswear and try to have as many items for our guy pals as our lady friends,” Jay explains. “We have heard from many of our male friends that they don’t know where to shop. Men should just come visit us.”

With items ranging from a buck (be sure to peruse their One Dollar Bin of Joy) to $75 for a full vintage sequined gown, price points are set so that everyone can leave with something special. “We try not to have items over $100 and rarely sell anything over $50,” Jay says. “What sets MINT apart from other stores of its kind is the variety, condition and low price of the items we offer.”

Well, that and the fact that MINT will bring their wares directly to you. That’s right. “We’ll pop up right in your house so that you can have the thrift store in your living room!” Jay explains with a smile. “Because of this we have very high turnover. Every week we have items moving in and out of the store and that means there’s always something new. People are shocked at how inexpensive everything is.”

The ever-fabulous duo is happy to share style tips with their customers. “Take one vintage item and build around it; try shoes, a dress or an accessory,” Jay warns. When everything is vintage it starts to look like a bit of a costume. Emily and I are chameleons: we change according to the situation and mood. We can dress ladylike, trendy, high glam, professional or casual. You won’t find us wearing the same style and [our outfits] always have a hint of vintage.”

This month MINT is excited to present some great flowered headbands and suede wrap bracelets that have been handmade by Emily. Grab them while you can. Jay predicts that they are going to fly right off the shelves.

379 Broadway, Providence. 400-0936.