Racing to the Altar

A local comedy debuts at the Avon


These days, it seems as if just about anyone can become famous – talent is irrelevant. Writer and director Brett Davey, creator of International Stinkbomb, takes this idea and runs with it in his latest independent movie, The Marriage Race. The comedy focuses on two families from wildly different backgrounds – think country mouse and the city mouse – in a race to break the world record for the most marriages. The adventure begins with a search for the family member willing to get married more than 30 times, and then on to find more than 30 partners. Jennifer Davey, Louis Bourbon of The Bourbon Boys, and local musicians Erik Narwhal and Philo T. Phuzzworth are stars and creative contributors in this locally-produced film. Look out for familiar spaces as all scenes are shot entirely in Rhode Island, from Peacedale to Harmony. The premiere is at the Avon Cinema on Sunday, September 30 at 1pm. Tickets are $10