#StayHome for the Holidays and Still Have Fun, Rhode Island

Tips for making the most of Passover and Easter this year


We’re all doing things differently right now and that includes how we celebrate Passover and Easter. From new kinds of egg hunts to backgrounds for virtual gatherings, we've rounded up some inventive ideas to add to your mix:

Window Egg Hunt
Start a new kind of egg hunt in your neighborhood by crafting a large paper egg, posting in the window, tagging #springegghunt, and looking for others – practicing safe social distancing, of course. (See image 4)

Decorate Eggs
Learn to decorate Easter eggs with unique natural colors and textures using items found in the pantry in this fun tutorial from Blithewold. Find this and other projects on the Blithewold YouTube channel.

Virtual Egg Hunts
Set your egg timers for 8:30am on Sunday for the WaterFire egg hunt. Too early? The clever peeps at GoProvidence.com have hidden eggs in a series of photos – see how many you can find! 

Reset Your Zoom
Gathering for Passover or Easter via Zoom? Add a virtual background of iconic Providence art instead of the dimly lit space behind your laptop. Find simple step by step instructions from The Avenue Concept.

Special Delivery
Many restaurants have curbside pickup and delivery, but the Chanler at Cliff Walk also offers the chance of the delivery person being that essential employee, the Easter Bunny! For other options, visit COVID-19 Rhody Resources under Dining, updated daily.

Order Flowers
Find a list of local retailers in our recent article Get Your Floral Fix and Help Sustain the Rhode Island Flower Economy.

Get Clever
Here are some ideas on how to make things festive using everyday items:

No Easter Basket? Find a mixing bowl and insert a bendy branch as a decorative handle. (See image 2)

Remember making paper chains? Make them from any interesting paper you have around the house. CVS receipts, anyone?

Cut copy paper into oval egg shapes and draw designs using markers and crayons. Perfect for #springegghunt

Download and print vintage seed packet images and use to wrap flatware. (See image 3)

Recipe for dyeing eggs with food coloring.