Summer Games

The Providence Rink hosts its own summer Olympiad with wacky, oversized sports


Over the winter, the Alex and Ani City Center rolled out its fleet of brightly colored bumper cars, introducing a way to play on the ice for those who lack the grace required of skating. These are bumper cars after all, grace seems antithetical. But just because the ice has melted doesn’t mean the cars are in storage for the season. In fact, the rink has expanded its offering to include a whole slew of interactive, larger-than-life games in the heart of downtown.

In addition to the bumper cars, Foot Darts and Bubble Soccer have made their summer debut, and their names more or less sum up what you can expect. Foot Darts has players kicking velco-covered balls towards a massive target. Bubble Soccer puts 14 daredevils into their own inflatable balls to bounce and roll around an astroturf field. All three activities run 4-10pm, Wednesday through Sunday, until October.

It all sounds like it’s one big bucket of slime away from the kind of Nickelodeon-style gameshow antics we loved as a kid. If you need us, we’ll be in one of those inflatable soccer balls, imagining Marc Summers shouting play-by-play as we live out our Double Dare fantasies – and probably getting very dizzy.