Leading Ladies 2016

Susan Pascale-Frechette & Jamie Pascale

Owners – Pods Swimming


Sisters Susan Pascale-Frechette and Jamie Pascale grew up with a love for swimming, leading them both to pursue careers as swim coaches. They were both entry-level coaches for the Ocean State Squids at Brown University when the program suddenly ended in 2007 due to a beyond-repair roof. With a shared passion for helping kids learn the art of the swimming, the sisters joined the United States Swim School Association (USSSA) and set out to create the first United Swim school in Rhode Island. “I wanted to serve the community by offering lessons to kids of all ages, especially younger children,” says Susan. In just a few months, Pods Swimming was up and running.

Both certified by the USSSA in infant and toddler programs, the coaches have a signature method that is loved by children and parents alike. “We take so much satisfaction in knowing how many children we have taught to swim,” says Jamie. “And it’s so much more,” adds Susan. “It’s learning about water safety, and that hard work and self-discipline pays off. It’s such a valuable lesson at a young age.”

Jamie and Susan are thrilled to announce that Pods Swimming is breaking ground this spring to build out their very own aquatic facility in East Providence. “We’re so excited to continue working with families and teaching everyone to swim.”

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