Leading Ladies 2016

Susanna Post

Nutrition Consultant – Center For Health


Susanna Post wants to educate people about healthy eating. A nutrition consultant at Center For Health, a multidisciplinary practice that specializes in chiropractic, massage therapy and nutrition solutions, Susanna is committed to helping clients restore their health and revitalize their lives through sustainable weight loss.

With a career background in education, Susanna saw a personal and professional opportunity while helping out at her husband’s private practice. She witnessed first hand how Dr. Gary Post, a chiropractor and certified nutritionist, was able to completely change lives through diet. “My husband was my total inspiration,” she says. “I saw how he was able to heal people with various health conditions naturally through nutrition.” A lifelong learner, she completed a program to become a certified nutrition consultant and officially joined the team at Center for Health.

Susanna has implemented new programs at Center for Health, such as lifestyle modification consultations, customized meal plans and free community seminars on healthy living topics. Two years ago, she introduced SHAPE ReClaimed, a homeopathic program that detoxifies, decreases inflammation, enhances immune functions and accelerates fat burning for optimal weight loss. “Weight loss can be very challenging. I just want to help the community by teaching people how to regain a healthy weight and restore the highest quality of life,” she says.

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