Tasting PVD's Tacos

The tastiest takes on a Mexican classic


It’s taco time! Luckily for us, our taco taste test this month let us sample some of the yummiest Mexican specialties from, but not limited to, restaurants throughout Providence. We didn’t just try your conventional taco. Oh no, we feasted on versions even devoted meat lovers would drool over. Don’t settle, my friends, make sure to get your hands on these tasty takes on a classic taco.

A Sweet Surprise
Mmmm. This is all that was said after our first bite of El Rancho Grande’s Taco De Playa. Layered with sautéed shrimp, corn, fresh pico de gallo and a dollop of creamy guacamole, it is everything you want in every bite. The mildly spicy pico de gallo is perfect with the sweetness from the corn. This is real deal Mexican, for sure. 

Savory Simplicity
Some of us can’t get enough cilantro in a taco. The Pastore Tacos from Viva Mexico are an explosion of flavor in your mouth, with corn tortillas stuffed with delicious pork, onions and, of course, cilantro. This is simple done right. Heck, you don’t even need any toppings, it is that good.

Food on the Run
Fugo Food Truck
is cooking up their twist on a Mexican classic, using ingredi- ents that stay true to their Asian roots. Their tofu taco, yes tofu, uses deep-fried tofu sautéed with carrots and miso glaze, bringing a tangy twist on a traditional taco. Topped with crunchy cabbage and a parmesan-like Mexican cheese, cotija, this taco is well worth searching the city for their fabulous food truck. 

Nostalgic Noshing
This taco is nostalgia at its finest. Tortilla Flats’ taco, filled with a generous portion of tender, slow cooked braised beef, brought us back to our early taco eating days. The classic toppings of shredded lettuce and diced tomato complement the kick of spice that comes from the mild ranchero sauce. The crunchy, hard taco shell is what made the whole thing.