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Prepare your car now for summer weather and trips


As many are painfully aware, we are still deep into pothole season. If you hit a pothole and are anxiously wondering if there's any damage to your car, don't wait; bring it into the car experts at Tomaso Auto Swedish Motors to give it a once over. Sue, the owner, explains, "People can't see the potholes, particularly when it rains because they fill up, so remember to slow down, especially in unfamiliar territory." She advises the basic precaution of allowing at least a car length in front of you so you can let the forward vehicle guide you through any choppy situations. Sue continues, "And if you do run over a pothole, don't take it for granted that if it's not making a noise or you're not feeling anything that everything is okay. You should have it checked out."

The big open secret to car longevity is to simply keep up with general maintenance, like timely oil changes and summerizing your car for road trips. Services include having your AC recharged, topping off fluids, and making sure hoses and belts are in good shape before you hit the open road. You want to enjoy your vacation, and not be stuck roadside with car issues. Call the experts at Tomaso Auto Swedish Motors today to schedule an appointment.

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