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Providence school offers a three-day fundraiser that is a discount shopper's dream


The Wheeler School’s Annual Clothing & More Sale is celebrating its 65th anniversary of bargain shopping and unbelievable savings. Mark your calendars because the sale is just around the corner, April 18-20. Here’s the first thing you need to know: admission is free, so there is no excuse not to go. The “pop up” department store is perfect for discount shoppers looking for a great find for the spring season, whether it’s clothing, books, sports equipment, kitchen gear, deĢcor, accessories or toys.

Dana Salvadore and Chris Murphy are the co-chairs for this year’s event and are overwhelmingly excited. “Nothing compares to watching people shop throughout the three day sale,” Murphy says of the experience. “When I began volunteering for the sale, I had no idea that it benefited so many people in our community.” All proceeds support the Wheeler Scholarship Fund and Breakthrough Providence. Anything leftover after the sale is donated to charities and non-profit organizations, so nothing is wasted.

The sale started as a way for parents to raise money for their children’s school and grew into a massive annual sale. It is sponsored by the Wheeler School Parents Association and everyone donates thousands of volunteer hours. “Parents use their vacation time to work the sale in April,” says Salvadore. “They bring in grandparents, aunts and babysitters to help out during the two weeks of set up and sale.”

Colleen Hanna has also been hard at work to make this event truly unforgettable by speaking with parents directly and making sure the atmosphere is “electric.” This event is a big hit for the parents whose children attend the Wheeler School because of the fundraising and educational benefits. “Working together with other volunteering women gave me an ‘in’ into the Wheeler community and let me feel a part of something bigger,” says a wheeler mom volunteer. “Of course, when you’re talking about a 65-year-old tradition, we are all standing on the shoulders of giants. So many people through the years have honed and finessed the process, altered it and amended it to fit the times, that it really does seem like it runs itself.”