Top Of The Town

Mare Rooftop’s igloos are a pretty - and practical - addition


Mare Rooftop has become a trendy destination tucked away from downtown. Since their opening in summer of 2018, they’ve won guests over with their sweeping views, specialty drinks, shareable plates, a recently added brunch menu, and, as of December, luxurious outdoor igloos. Thanks to these five translucent bubbles lining the rooftop deck, Mare has managed to make their winning feature enjoyable during all four seasons. At night, they glow in iridescent shades of blue and pink. Each one is heated, can hold up to 10 guests, and makes for a stunning backdrop to the already picturesque bar/restaurant. Visitors can enjoy selections from a special Igloo Menu, featuring gourmet hot drinks like cider and spiked coffee, plus chilled or hot bites and treats. Finally, a rooftop cocktail isn’t just a summer indulgence – it’s a year-round affair.

Mare Rooftop