Winter Solstice

Our Featured Artist Reception for December will be held at Made In Warren on the Winter Solstice, Thursday, December 21st from 6-8 pm. Our Featured Artists for December are ceramicist Cheryl Perry, …

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Our Featured Artist Reception for December will be held at Made In Warren on the Winter Solstice, Thursday, December 21st from 6-8 pm. Our Featured Artists for December are ceramicist Cheryl Perry, woodworker Tony​ ​Lunghi, glass artist Jim​ ​Chlebecek, jeweler and sculptor Gary Charpentier, and painter Amanda Jo Gregornik.

The shop will be open 10-8 pm through the holiday shopping season. There is an ongoing raffle to win a gift basket featuring pieces donated by our artists, and for every $10 you spend in the store, one ticket is entered into the raffle, as a thank you for supporting MIW! Made In Warren is also offering a Gift Registry or Wish List service for folks who want to make sure someone gets them that awesome thing they couldn’t justify buying for themselves.

During the December Featured Artist Reception, there will be artist demonstrating their crafts, featuring woodworker Tony Lunghi, and potter Cheryl Perry. The raffle drawing will take place during this event! We will be choosing two winners; one for the gift basket and one for the $100 MIW gift card. Come by and see if you won! Refreshments will be served, and for an extra special treat, live Celtic harp music will be performed by the talented Mary King.


For another special event before the holidays, on Saturday, December 23rd, from 2-4pm, Made In Warren artist, painter Elizabeth O’Connell, will be hosting a craft table where children can decorate holiday ornaments. This event is free and open to children of all ages. Be sure to come by with your kiddos, and shop last minute gifts!

Made In Warren, 476 Main St, Warren, RI 02885

Free street parking/ free municipal lot behind the police station.


More about the Featured Artists for December:

Cheryl Perry - Adorned Ceramic Vessels

Cheryl Perry Pottery utilizes a one-of a kind technique to create pottery with intricate henna-inspired artwork seemingly in motion as it ebbs and flows over each piece. Every bowl, plate, or platter begins from a flat slab of clay that is first shaped on bowl forms. Cheryl then creates coils with an extruder tool, and painstakingly hand rolls the coils and clay pearls of all different sizes, before carefully placing them in a unique array over the base. Once a piece is fired, she paints glaze over the entire piece and then carefully wipes away the glaze from the surface of the coils and pearls, to reveal the clay body which contrasts nicely with the glaze color, to better highlight the design.

Tony​ ​Lunghi - Wooden Boxes & Clocks

Tony employs a hybrid type of woodworking wherein he uses both machinery and hand tools. His enjoyment is found in the endless journey of creating and designing his next project, exploring and using different joinery techniques, selecting various species of hardwoods and veneers, and using finishes that embellish his work and bring each piece to completion. He creates artwork that is designed to last a lifetime.

Jim​ ​Chlebecek - Artisan Glass

Jim explores the intersection between light, color,and form through his work in blown glass.

Glass is unique in that it changes moment to moment with the interplay of light and shadow. He

strives to retain the sense of movement and motion in his pieces, capturing the energy of the

flowing material, even as the glass transforms from a molten liquid to a solid. He favors bold

colors and strong contrasts in his pieces, creating unique moments of vision. He also works in

up-cycled glass, making useful objects from cast off glass. Jim takes inspiration from both traditional Venetian and European glassmakers, as well as artists of the modern American Studio Glass Movement.

Gary Charpentier - Jewelry & Sculpture

Exploring shape, line and color in his work, Gary’s current focus is painted and patinaed copper jewelry and candlesticks. Most of the objects are worked in a series though all are one-of-a kind and handmade. At Heron Walk Studio, any given morning may offer the surprise of a Great Blue or any number of egrets hunting in the pond across the way all curvy necks and angled legs and pointed beaks; thus the name of the studio. This coupled with the colorful sunrises across the Palmer River beyond provides both energy and inspiration to his work.

Amanda​ ​Jo​ ​Gregornik - Oil Paintings and Hand Painted Cards

The first artform Amanda discovered was letter-making. When she crafts a letter, the words are secondary; she paints, draws, cuts, and shapes every detail of the letter with the recipient in mind. Amanda brings this same approach to her paintings, each one being inspired by a particular individual or location. She studies the passions, ideas, preferences, and characteristics of the person or place in question. After meditating on her experience with these individuals or locations she takes the inspiration to canvas. Amanda will break her understanding of a person into fractals and layer those fractals into a painting

Event Date
Thursday, December 21, 2017
Event Location
Made in Warren
476 Main Street
Warren, RI
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