That's Super

Our yearbook of 2013 Superlatives salutes those at the head of their class


Most Playful

Surprise Ride

Most Well-Read


Most Crafty

Leah Kent, Skill It

Most Worldly

The Rhody Center for World Music & Dance

Most Artistic

Dwo Wen Chen

Most Musical

New Providence Big Band

Most Community Spirit

The West Broadway Neighborhood Association

Most Likely to Bingo

Shae McWilliams

Most Athletic

Rhode to Wellness

Most Outspoken

Maryellen Butke, Josephine O’Connell & Matthew Lannon

Best Taste

Foremost Baking Company

Most Social


Biggest Cheerleader

Jim Nellis

Most Team Spirit

Jodi Ricci & Brittany Dickie

Most Tweeted About

RI Problems