Tackle Your Fitness Goals

Pro tips from the Patriots' Kerry Taylor

“Your training needs to have a great combination of strength, power, speed and agility. Incorporate one or two explosive movements in each workout."


The East Side Culinary Craze

There’s something about our neighborhood that’s attracting – and keeping – the best restaurants in Providence

City Life

Set Sail Aboard the Providence-Newport Ferry

Skip the traffic and tolls for a scenic bay cruise between RI's two biggest cities.


A Slice of Life on the Road With RI Musician Able Thought

Some artists play music in town, some artists tour and some artists buy a camper and live life on the perpetual road. Able Thought is doing the latter.


Mock Orange at the Grange

All the fun without the headache

Dining Review

Eating With the Seasons

Centro Restaurant and Lounge highlights Central Italian cuisine

City Life | Movies

Sam and Mattie Are Ready For Another Zombie Massacre

Although Sam Suchmann and Mattie Zufelt’s longtime dream of becoming celebrities and making an epic zombie film has come true, they’re not stopping there.

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Cover Story

The PVD Food Truck Boom

Dig into the city's delicious obsession with food trucks, the start-up disruptors of the restaurant industry.

Summer Preview – Cooler Because It's Warmer

20 Reasons To Love Summer in PVD

Free concerts, festivals, old favorites and new arrivals, here are the 20 reasons why this will be the best summer ever