Water Under The Bridge

The story behind Providence’s newest attraction and what it means to the city

Making a Spectacle

Behind the state's most famous Halloween display

Truck to Table

How Providence’s mobile food businesses are putting down permanent roots in the city

Food Experience

Whiskey Business

Most people know Downcity’s New Harvest as a coffeehouse – but it’s also well stocked with the hard stuff


Mad About Plaid

Beyond flannel ways to bring the iconic checks into your life

Rhody Gem: November 2019

Paper Nautilus Books -– Providence Monthly

Rhody Gem: October 2019

The WaterFire Store – Providence Monthly


The Art of Hospitality

How the Graduate Hotel asked Providence’s premiere pop artist to decorate its walls

Influencer: Meg Schmit

Editor at Providence Monthly


Mix Master

The Contemporary-meets-Classic style of artisan bagel cafe owner Milena Pagan

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Rhody Gem: April 2019

Benefit Street Antiques - Providence Monthly

Award-Winning Rhode Island Stories

Read the stories that took home top honors at this year's Rhode Island Press Association Awards