A Taste of Bangkok on College Hill

Heng brings authentic Thai street food to Angell Street


From the owners of Tong-D, Heng celebrates Thai street food in its most authentic form. “We want to offer Thai food as you experience when you travel to Thailand,” says owner Angie Lim, who was born and raised in Thailand. “We want to bring back the experience of all of the food vendors often found [on the streets of] Bangkok, which is well known for its street food.”

Lim says they hope to cater to the local Thai community as well as the diverse student population of College Hill, some of whom have travelled to Thailand and come back raving about the open-air eateries.

While their Tong-D locations trend toward upscale dining and broader Asian influences, Heng offers a casual environment with a full bar including unique signature cocktails like the Tom Yum martini. Lim especially recommends trying their Chicken Rotisserie, Tom Yum Noodle Soup, and homemade Thai iced tea.