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Creating a Home with Vintage Pieces

Take a look inside this Providence man's stylish home


About the Homeowners
Michael Stoddard is a flight attendant, freelance visual merchandiser, sells menswear at The Vault and has his own Etsy shop. He lives in a 1925 Bungalow in the Elmwood neighborhood.

1. There was this client I was working with in Boston and I traded one of my paintings for this table. I’m totally into trading art for art. This is a Moorish-style table. It’s more of a Middle Eastern style and is a couple of inches higher than a normal dining room table. It’s narrower as well, so it takes up less room than a standard dining table. It’s probably not even meant to be a dining room table.

2. I got this solid brass Art Deco candleholder at an antique store in Provincetown. It’s really heavy; it probably weighs ten pounds.

3. These six chairs are made of a material similar to car quality vinyl. They are from the `70s and the metal is chrome. I had been looking for chairs for that table for a long time. I liked that these chairs came in a set. They came from the RI Antiques mall and were a really good price for the quality.

4. These drapes were from a store that went out of business in CT. They are actually fitting room drapes. I have six panels: two in the dining room, two in the living room and I’m not using the other two. I like them because they were something that crossed my path. I needed something different in my living area and it was an opportunity to assimilate different ideas into my home.

5. The pine floors are original and from what I’ve been told they don’t make floors in pine anymore because it doesn’t hold up as well as other woods. So, it’s really rare to have pine floors. But their glow is beautiful and there is such craftsmanship that went into them.