Gourmet Ramen: Not an Oxymoron

Ken's Ramen puts a new twist on this college staple


College students understand the limitless possibilities of store-bought, just-add-water ramen. You can cook it as directed, eat it dry with peanut butter (a personal favorite) or even add veggies to create an illusion of nutritional benefits. But if you’re running out of ideas on how to prepare the noodles, or simply want to eat ramen the way it’s supposed to taste, Ken’s Ramen (51 Washington St, Unit D) welcomes you to enjoy their professionally crafted ramen dishes. Their paitan (whole chicken broth) is “simmered for over 30 hours for maximum richness and savoriness” - something no salt packet could ever recreate – and combined with “customized thin hakata ramen noodles.” Call for hours of operation.