At Home

Outdoor Living in Edgewood

Bringing summer relaxation to a new level on this chic porch

1. We loved the porch’s original Tuscan-style columns – thick, unscathed and simple – so much that we’ve left them untouched. This is exactly how they were when we first moved in. We eat, nap and entertain on our porch the moment spring hints warmer weather up until the first snowfall.
2. A Pinterest project brought to life is this hanging daybed – handcrafted by my extremely handy father – that transforms this outdoor space into a livable room. The first thing that drew our eyes to the house was the porch, so making it comfortable was a priority.
3. A lack of lighting on this side of the porch inspired my creation of a candle chandelier atop a used tray. A romantic way to light up this space, this fixture offers a light glow over the dining room table that’s perfect for entertaining.
4. This house was built in 1907; we appreciate the original railings built into the porch’s paneled walls. They offer a natural ventilation system for the warm summer season and the perfect nighttime breeze.
5. Despite being untouched, the double French doors on this side of the house give us easy exit and entry with their flawless condition. The clean white paint was here when we moved in and hasn’t been touched since.