Rhody Gem

Rhody Gem: August 2020

Newport Car Museum Gift Shop – The Bay


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What it is:

A gallery in its own right, the gift shop at the Newport Car Museum complements the institution’s many displays with novelty wares for kids and adults. Once you’ve perused the classic cars and commissioned art on the museum floor, stop by the shop for die-cast cars, lobster platters, books, T-shirts, jewelry, greeting cards, candles, and other souvenirs.


Where to find it:

Tucked away behind glass doors inside this Portsmouth museum, the store itself doesn’t require admission to shop. Be greeted at the door by a massive K-nex ferris wheel and funky yellow counter.


What makes it a Rhody Gem?

Filled with novelties for kids and the young at heart, one thing is clear when you enter: This shop is all about fun. Lovers of auto memorabilia are sure to get their kicks from shelves brimming with model cars and books spanning the gamut of Golden Age cars and driving like NASCAR pros. The store’s primary aim is to make people happy, so you don’t have to be an enthusiast to enjoy the games and books, the sleek modern art pieces and baubles of a bygone era, all curated to surprise and entertain. “The shop has so many cool things,” one out-of-state visitor says. “Seriously, there’s something there for everyone!” As per “new normal” restrictions, mask up and try to keep touching to a minimum!


Newport Car Museum Gift Shop1947 West Main Road, Portsmouth • 401-848-2277 • @NewportCarMuseum