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Actress Emma Watson is back on the East Side


Great news everyone! We hear that Emma Watson1 is coming back to Providence this month, once again joining the ranks at Brown. It’s been a while since she’s been here, so I wanted to go ahead and give Emma a list of places that have opened2 since she left town.

The Dorrance
The chic restaurant3 that now occupies the Federal Reserve building on Dorrance Street has been garnering accolades from local and national media, including James Beard Award nominations. Plus, the second floor function space is a perfect celeb dining spot for avoiding the gawkers.4

Teas and Javas
I hear that Emma likes to hang out at East Side coffee shops, and this recently opened one has a full bar and is serving some creative coffee cocktails. It’s conveniently located next to parent company Alex and Ani’s Wayland Square store, so she can do some shopping5 after she’s done with her schoolwork.

The shoe megastore just opened in Providence Place.6 Granted, she can afford closets full of Jimmy Choos7 but she’s going to need some sensible, disposable winter shoes for slogging around College Hill in the snow.

Butter Day Spa
A totally unique spa housed in a Hope Street Victorian, Butter has been open for a little over a year. Its proximity to Brown and cozy private treatment rooms are perfect for avoiding the prying lenses of the paparazzi.8

Source at Reconstructure
This interior design firm opened a North Main Street showroom last year, which is full of artful furniture, vintage items, gifts and jewelry. It’s a must-see when decorating a new home, like Emma will be doing this month.9

1. My best friend* Emma Watson, that is. (*expected January 2013)
2. Places for us to hang out together.
3. It’s totally fashionable, just like Emma. Did you know she’s the face of Chanel and Lancome?
4. Except we won’t sit up there when we go, because I want everyone to see us together.
5. And we can get matching “Best Friend” bracelets.
6. Totally within walking distance of her old apartment. (What? I had a perfectly good reason for staking out every condo in the city.)
7. Closets that also have enough space to conceal a person... not that I know that or anything.
8. You have to deal with this kind of thing when your best friend is a celebrity. It’s tough, I know, but it’s all worth it in the end.
9. Or she could just move in to my apartment. I have space. I just need a little while to hide all the Harry Potter paraphernalia. It’s totally not creepy... right?