Leading Ladies 2016

Stephanie Isenberg

Owner – Green & Cleaner


An advocate for living a healthy lifestyle, Stephanie Isenberg owns Green & Cleaner, one of the few non-toxic cleaners in Rhode Island. “I offer a green alternative to traditional cleaners who use chemicals ranging from irritants to likely carcinogens,” she says. “It’s a service that is healthy for you, your clothes and the world we live in.” Stephanie provides high quality standards of cleaning and customer service in a green environment. “Our wet-cleaning process actually produces a cleaner, whiter, brighter garment,” she points out. A dedicated business owner, she offers unique customer perks, like free pickup and delivery, a retail selection of green cleaning products, custom tailoring and all-natural in-home cleaning of rugs, carpets and upholstery.

147 Elmgrove Avenue, Providence
401-808-6321 • www.greenandcleaner.com